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Cognimatics is now fully integrated into Axis Communications. Now news and events will be published here after May 4th 2017. This section will be kept for reference purposes for sometime. If you have any questions email

2016-02-15: Significantly strengthened reporting with TrueView Xense®

2016-02-15: Significantly strengthened reporting with TrueView Xense®

Truly dynamic in its nature. All aspects of the application are made to
give the user full control over their data enabling grouping, filtering,
comparisons and drill-down.
• Dynamic overview dashboard where end-users can select KPI’s and
charts of their choice of selected KPI:s and the most important charts
packaged in a modern look.
• Highly customizable pre-defined analytic reports (including weather
impact, trend and accuracy reports) where end-users can save their
report customizations or findings as separate reports and share these
company-wide or keep private.
• All reports and findings, including dashboard, exportable to PDF. Most
reports also exportable to Excel.
• HTML5 email-reports support with easy to use email-report builder and
• Modern and intuitive interface, designed from the ground up with the
retailer/location owner in mind.
• Platform agnostic responsive design for any platform, including desktops,
tablets, and smartphones, this pertains both to the online dashboards
and analytics as well as the e-mailed reports.
• Historical location weather information included in applicable reports.
• Easy to use access control system automatically included with possibility
to set data availability and presets on a user level.
• Support for several languages. Multilingual user interface.
• Possible to integrate POS-data, however this is not included in the
standard product/price.

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