Our Technology

Cognimatics technology is based on the latest research in intelligent video and image analysis. With a team of world leading senior academic researcher in the company our technology rests on a sound scientific foundation.

Camera as a sensor

When using Cognimatics products, the camera no longer a just a camera but is instead turned into a highly advanced and powerful sensor that delivers hard data or statistics and not primarily video or still images. This way of viewing the camera opens up for a whole field of new products and solutions that are not traditionally solved by using a camera.

The camera sensor is an abundant source of raw data, but the information hidden in the video or still image is often hard to extract. Cognimatics' technology is designed to unveil this hidden information even in harsh conditions.

Tracking objects in video

Tracking is the art of following groups of pixels from one image to the next in a video. This is usually done very easily by humans, but offer significant challenges for computer software. Cognimatics has leading patent pending technology for tracking, which gives very effective tracking, offering high speed of execution and low memory requirements.

Detecting objects

The technology for detecting objects in video and still images is based on so called Machine Learning and our unique patent pending technology gives a small and reliable software that can detect objects in a wide variety of shapes, appearances, lightings and also viewing angles. The technology is very flexible and can be applied to detect a large range of objects that such as faces, eyes, torsos, cars and more.