TrueView People Counter® - critical data to optimize performance  

  • How many potential customers visit your store/s?
  • How many of these potential customers actually make a purchase?

With this knowledge you are able to:

  • Analyze customer flows and traffic trends
  • Evaluate impact of advertising and promotions
  • Improve staff planning and determine optimal opening hours
  • Assess weather impact on performance
  • Identify and reward high performing stores and employees


Cognimatics People Counting Solutions 

TrueView People Counter® has been the leading embedded application to capture foot traffic for over a decade. It is built on the most advanced algorithms for intelligent video available in the world. TrueView People Counter® runs fully embedded in AXIS ceiling mounted network cameras and automatically counts in real time the number of people passing under the camera and in what direction.

TrueView People Counter® embedded on 2D Vision Monoscopic camera
A wide range of camera models are possible (find our more under tech specs)  to meet esthetic preferences including possibility to change the color of camera cover for some models, this is excellent choice for people counting both in terms of performance, design and price for most counting situations in retail from ceiling heights of 2.70 meter (8.8 feet).

Available from February 1st 2017 - TrueView 3D People Counter® embedded on AXIS P8804
AXIS P8804 offers an elegant recessed or surfaced mount solution for people counting for when the retailer desires a 3D solution, light conditions are challenging for example strong sunlight, glares and shadows or at very high flows of people to or from a location. Another benefit is the support if the ceiling height is rather low as the solution has support from 2.40 meters (7.8 feet).  

Interested in testing?

We provide free 30-day demo licenses so you can test and see for yourself which solution works best at your location.